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I heard about Roger through a very dear friend and didn’t read reviews first (which is very unusual for me). When I called, he answered right away. He was quick to get an appointment on the schedule, knowing it’s getting colder and that heat is important. He took care of my renters and my fireplace beautifully and didn’t do anything that wasn’t needed. He reconnected the propane and the cost was appropriate for the service provided.

Our experience with Roger was stellar and he’ll be my go-to fireplace guy from now on, and whenever anyone asks me I’ll refer him without hesitation.

-Review from Yelp


5 letters, but what a big word.

It’s key in a few business relationships, and almost all personal ones.

In the case of a house built over 100 years ago, with a roof as pitched at likely 60+degrees and a chimney that like most celebrities, I’ve seen in pictures but not in real life, trust is essential.

Add to the lack of viewing the actual chimney it’s use in our home, to hold smoke and get it OUT of of the house while leaving a nice fire burning in our giant old fireplace, it’s an essential thing we need to work pretty perfectly.

So, I contacted Roger at AFPOI and he came out to check out our chimney. We knew it’d been about 5 years since it’d been cleaned, and while we don’t use it often, we had lost the raincap in a storm a year back and had been putting up with rain leaking down for longer than we wanted to.

He replaced the (two I found out) raincap(s) and cleaned the chimney. The bad news? Our old chimney was losing some of it’s structure, and needed additional work including replacing the flue.

There was more bad news than the flue, but as I just nod and pretend to understand, the more savvy husband talked details with Roger.

Well, it’s bad news to find out you need more work done, it’s good news Roger’s a very trustworthy guy to do that work.

-Review from Yelp

I recommend A.P.O.I., scheduling is easy, service is timely, prices are reasonable and Roger is great. Roger serviced our gas fireplace and he was on time, professional, courteous and worked quickly. He shared important information to help us understand the work he was doing as well as things we needed to know to maintain our fireplace going forward. We will definitely use A.P.O.I. again. Thank you!

-Review from Yelp